martedì 24 dicembre 2013

Happy Xmas :)

Something's changing, something's happening.
Don't know what's specifically.
I feel the revolution, it's time for revolution.

Don't know where it brings, don't know if it's right.
So many feelings in head, and in heart.

Chaos, I said it, you're my essence.
I can't do anything against you.
Yes, I accept you.

And now I smile.
For one time, maybe the first one, I don't care.
And I love it.

...perchè in italiano non avrebbe avuto senso.

E tra tutto questo disordine, auguro a tutti a voi un sereno Natale, di cuore.
E tanti sorrisi. Quelli, l'ho imparato troppo tardi, non sono mai abbastanza. :)
< Happy Xmas everyone >

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